About Novatech Solar Energy

When we think of solar energy, our Houston solar company automatically thinks of impressive energy savings and becoming energy independent as compared to homeowners who use non-renewable energy sources to power their homes. We believe in extending these benefits to others by providing unrivaled customer service, a fully integrated solar system, and maximizing solar incentives.


Unrivaled Customer Service

Customer service can make or break customer relationships, but at NovaTech Solar we are committed to building long-lasting relationships with each of our customers. You can rely on us to help meet your energy needs and make ourselves available to you, should you need our assistance. 


Integrated Solar System

Although we are a solar panel installer in Houston, this is only a portion of what we offer to our customers. NovaTech Solar strives to provide solar energy that works for your unique needs, so rather than simply installing your panels, we will take it a step further by designing a custom setup for you, which you can also remotely monitor to make certain your panels are fully optimized year-round.


Maximizing Solar Incentives

It’s no secret that greener forms of energy yield impressive savings. In addition to a federal tax credit worth 26% the first year, your energy bill will be significantly lower each year until you are completely energy independent.

Are You Ready To Go Green?

We believe in changing the world to make it a better place, and using solar to power your home, your commercial property, carports, and public utilities is a way to make a difference in your everyday life, as well as that of others. A bright future is ahead when you entrust NovaTech Solar with your solar energy needs!