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Energy Independence
For A Better World

Solar panels enable you to be energy independent while simultaneously doing your part to make the world a better place. Not only do we offer high-quality solar panels, but we also provide unrivaled customer service, integrated solar technology, and solar incentives.

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Long-Lasting Relationships

If you ever need assistance with maximizing your home’s energy efficiency, we’re always here to help! With NovaTech Solar, gain the confidence that we’ll fulfill our promises and prioritize transparent communication, always.

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Integrated Solar Technology

We don’t start and stop at solar panel installation; our system is designed and built to meet your unique energy needs year-round. Now you can maximize your savings and your comfort.

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Maximizing Solar Incentives

Equipping your home with solar panels results in significantly lower energy costs. By getting a NovaTech Solar energy system, customers reap the benefits of a 26% federal tax credit for the rest of the year and rebates that maximize long-term savings.

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About Our Solar Energy Supplier

NovaTech Solar strives to make the world a better place by enabling homeowners to make a notable difference. NovaTech Solar’s exceptional customer service, integrated technology system, and ability to maximize your solar incentives will help you save on energy costs and do your part to make the world cleaner and safer.

3 Steps To Energy Independence

Step 1

Begin with a virtual or in-person consultation to determine if solar is right for your house. Our consultation includes:

  • Answering questions
  • Discussing expected 25-year savings
  • Providing custom solar designs for your home
  • Quote
  • 3D visualization of what your house will look like.

Step 2

Once local permits have been approved, it’s time to install your custom solar system.

Step 3

Activate your savings and get the most out of your investment in solar power, which can be monitored via our app.

Our Services

Every day, homeowners and businesses make the decision to rely on solar energy. As demand has increased, we have successfully helped various customers go green. Our services have transformed:

House with solar panels on the roof

Residential Communities

Once we have determined if your home is suitable for solar panels, we will carefully select and install them and equip your home with integrated solar technology.

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Solar panels in the evening

Commercial Properties

Commercial properties typically have a greater need for solar energy. We will make sure your system is robust to meet your needs.

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Vibrant green park with a city in the background and a blue sky

Public Utility

We believe that the general public should also get to enjoy greener, more reliable energy. Our complete system will cover public areas with ease.

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Solar carports

Solar Carports

By installing a solar carport, you can provide shelter for all of your vehicles while also using the sun’s power to generate electricity for your home.

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A Bright Future Ahead

Take Advantage of our current specials

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Solar Efficiency Guaranteed

NovaTech Solar is committed to providing you with the right solar power system.

25-year solar power production

If solar production drops below your systems’ projected output over 25 years, we’ll troubleshoot as needed.

  • 25-year Labor Warranty 
  • 25-year Solar Panel Manufacturer Warranty 
  • 25-year Enphase Microinverter Warranty 
  • 10 year battery warranty